What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes and How to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles Permanently

Dark circles under the eyes are not a serious health problem, but many people feel that dark circles under their eyes make them look unhealthy, stressed, tired or aged.
Causes of dark circles under the eyes may include lack of sleep, excessive sun exposure, exhaustion, allergies, eye rubbing, or a family history of dark circles. There are several methods that can help get rid of dark circles under the eyes. 
Dark circles under the eyes
How can you get rid of dark circles under your eyes naturally and how can you make your eyes look beautiful?

What Causes Dark Circles under the Eyes and How to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles Permanently

Dark Circles under the Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are the result of a thin layer of skin,  showing the blood vessels and the blood they contain, more clearly on the body than anywhere else.

Symptoms of dark circles under the eyes appear in both men and women and sometimes they may also appear in some children.

Lack of sleep is one of the most well-known causes that lead to the emergence of dark circles under the eyes, but there are other reasons that also affect their appearance, such as genetic factors, especially in people who are of Asian or African origin, where they have increased secretion of the pigment that leads to the appearance of the dark color around the eyes area.

The problem of black circles may not be a medical disease, but it is definitely one of the troublesome problems in cosmetic terms. 
There are also many factors that lead to the emergence of dark circles under the eyes, and we will mention some of them in this article.

What Causes Dark Circles Around the Eyes?

There are several reasons for this problem, and we will mention some of them:

Age progression: As a person gets older, his skin becomes more fragile and more delicate. This is due to the low levels of fat and collagen in his body, which makes the blood vessels under the skin more clear. As a result, the area under the eyes appears darker.

Allergies: In people with allergies, darkness appears around the eye area because these people have itchy eyes, which in turn leads to the appearance of these circles significantly. In people with hay fever, we may see an increase in this condition, so dark circles will be very prominent in them.

Nasal congestion: If a person has nasal congestion, it causes blood vessels around the nasal area and the eyes appear more visible, which in turn works to show these areas darker.

Dehydration: The lack of sufficient quantities of fluids in the human body shrinks the skin cells and this is what makes the area under the eyes appear more dark color, so you must drink a lot of water because it works to reduce the black circles very significantly.

Pregnancy: If a pregnant woman notices that the black circles in the area surrounding her eyes have begun to appear, then there is no reason for concern because this condition has arisen due to pregnancy, as there has been a change in the level of hormones in the body, which led to the expansion of the small blood vessels and this, in turn, the black circles under the eye make them stand out more.

Iron deficiency: If a person suffers from a deficiency in the level of iron in his body, whether it is due to a lack of nutrition, prolonged menstruation in a woman, or other reasons. This affects the blood circulation in the human body, which leads to the appearance of black circles in the area that surrounds the eyes.

Smoking: If a person smokes, he suffers from the problem of dark circles. If he wants to get rid of them, he should know that smoking works to increase the likelihood of dark circles appearing in the area around the eyes.

Method of sleep: Many people think that lack of sleep is the reason for the appearance of dark circles around the eye area, but the real reason actually lies in the method of sleep. 
If a person sleeps on one of his sides, or on his stomach, then these positions of sleep are in which the face is facing downward, which works to focus all the effort on the area of the eyes, so we recommend sleeping on the back, as this method works to reduce the focus directed on the eyes and this also reduces the chance of wrinkles.

Sunlight exposure: When the face is exposed to sunlight, the area that is most affected is the area around the eyes, due to its extreme delicacy and sensitivity.
 As the sunlight produces melanin and exposure to it creates black circles around the eyes. 
Therefore, it is recommended to wear sunglasses that protect from the sun's UV rays, in order to ensure their efficiency in blocking the sun.

Salts and caffeine: When eating foods or drinks whose content of salts and caffeine is very high, this makes the body retain water inside it, and this, in turn,s make the area around the eyes appear in a very dark color, so it is advised to reduce the intake of salts and caffeine, to get rid of the problem of darkness under the eyes.

Genetics: Genetics is one of the reasons for the emergence of black circles in the area around the eyes. 
In some families, parents pass on genes to their children, causing them to carry a dark color around their eyes. So they can get rid of this problem only through laser treatment.

Eczema: Eczema leads to the appearance of dark circles in the area surrounding the eyes indirectly, and this is because eczema leads to severe itching in the eye area, which leads to swelling of the eyes, and inflammation and this works to break the blood vessels in the area around the eyes, which makes them It looks very dark.

Blood Vessels in eyes: If there is a blue color under the eye area, this may be just blood veins under the skin and this is what makes the eyelids and the area around the eyes look like a very dark color.

How to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles Permanently

The best treatment methods for dark circles around the eyes include at-home treatment and medical treatment. These methods can help to get rid of dark circles under the eyes permanently.
At-Home Treatments
Some of the home-based treatment methods that can be applied to get rid of dark circles are given below:

Determine the underlying cause of dark circles.
Take enough rest, de-stress yourself and get enough sleep if you schedule rests like your other important tasks.
Get enough sleep for at least eight hours a day.
Reduce salt intake. Eating large quantities of salt increases the darkness of the eye area.
Protect the eyes from the sun
Avoid rubbing eyes. Rubbing the eyes irritates the skin and the capillaries below it, which leads to the appearance of dark circles.
Use brightening skincare ingredients
Eliminate allergens. The substances that cause allergies increase the possibility of the appearance of dark circles, and one of these substances is cosmetic.
Choose the right shade of concealer for dark circles.
Mix milk with white bread and then place this mixture under the eyes. Milk contains fats and good proteins to moisturize the skin.
Apply a light moisturizer twice daily and make sure to use a heavy moisturizer before going to bed every night.
Use ice cubes of green tea, or chamomile and then place them under the eyes in order to calm the skin.
Soak the cotton ball in rose water and apply it on dark circles and then wash it with cold water.
Choose eye makeup wisely and make sure you are using budge-proof eye makeup.
Try a hydrating eye cream recommended by dermatologists, editors, and reviews.
Be careful when removing makeup and remove your makeup with a cleanser.
Stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption.
Take buttermilk paste and turmeric powder and mix them well and apply on your dark circles and then wash your face with lukewarm water.
Exercise regularly to increase blood circulation and bring blood flow to the skin.
Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and shrink dilated blood vessels.
Elevate your head with a few pillows to prevent fluid from pooling under your eyes.
Use potatoes to harness the power of vitamin C to treat your under-eye bags and to get rid of dark circles.
Apply two black or green tea bags to your eyes in hot water for five minutes.
Apply a drop of vitamin E oil to your black under-eye circle to fight the effects of free radicals and gently massage it into the skin.
Visit your doctor or a dermatologist to address serious dark circles and issues like sagging, drooping or permanent puffy eyes.

Medical Treatments 
Some effective medical treatments are available to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. The most common methods may include:
  • Laser surgery to enhance skin tightening and resurface the skin.
  • Surgical implantation of fat or synthetic products.
  • Fat removal to reveal excess fat and skin, revealing a smoother and more balanced surface.
  • Medical tattoos to inject pigment into skin thinning areas.
  • Chemical peels to reduce pigmentation.
  • Tissue fillers to conceal blood vessels and melanin that cause discoloration of the skin under your eyes.

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