SmartScan-Automated and Guided Beam Commissioning System

smart scanner
Beam Commissioning System

SmartScan: Automated and Guided Beam Commissioning System

SmartScan Beam Commissioning tool is a linear accelerator or a new RTPS with the traditional manual water phantom system. Intensive manual user operation is required to measure and analyze 1,000 beam scans. The entire scanning workflow requires continuous user interaction with software and hardware - including day, week, and even more weekend and night changes. The solitary repetition of similar functions to take necessary measurements is susceptible to human error.

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Researcher of the Ion Beam Application (a medical technology company based in Belgium) announced this week's AAPM annual meeting, "IBA is launching a water phantom which automates commission steps and explained," to reduce the processor. IBA Dosimetry commissioned its SmartScan Beam Launch Commission ". A new linear accelerator commission is an intensive process, for which a water pre At a thousand or require the beam measurement. It may take days or weeks for it to be completed, and the repetitive nature of the work makes it prone to user error.

SmartScan guides the user through the whole linac commissioned workflow - automates repeated tasks - to scan entire data sets from system setup. As a result, beam data commissioning and accelerator quality assurance (QA) is continually executed with optimum quality. SmartScan is linked to the integrated QA platform of IBA Dosimetry.  
Ralf Schira of IBSA noted that there are some important steps where physicists still need control and SmartScan provides guidance through those processes. Development was inspired by the discussions of IBA with physicists that they are considered to be the most problematic part of Beam Commission. Also, the process is taking too much time and due to very user intensive, many interviewers told that they were not 100% confident that all the scans were 100% correct. "This is not a black box, it's like a navigation system."

SmartScan handles all problems by making the process more efficient and providing the required beam quality data. It gives the peace of mind that the Beam Commission has been completely done. SmartScan Intelligence and Guidance Provides a great deal of this. In return, it provides the foundation for the safe and accurate treatment of each patient.
SmartScan empowers commissioning work efficiently in a short time, allowing faster diagnostic implementation of new equipment. This makes it the most optimal scan sequence, as well as the speed of the detector speed, by the quality of optimal ray data during the process, SmartScan checks make sure to scan every single scan, immediately marked with suspicious measurements.

 Monte Carlo experiments

Monte Carlo is a wide range of computational algorithms that rely on random sampling repeatedly to achieve numerical results. Their essential consideration is using randomness to solve those problems which can be determinants in principle. They are often used in physical and mathematical problems, and when they are difficult or impossible to use other approaches, they are most useful. Monte Carlo methods are mainly used in three problem classes:  Generating draws with adaptation, numerical integration, and probability distribution.

Jean-Marc Bothy, President of IBSA Dosimetry GmbH said, "Introduction of the Monte Carlo Plan offers an extra level of QA accuracy in our industry uninterrupted for all major linacs, TPS systems and treatment methods. In AAPM, we have learned about Psycho-Carlo Workflow Automation, the speed of calculation and proven accuracy from SciMoCa Community, received exceptionally positive feedback. "

FDA-Clear SciMoCa Software has been developed by Radiological and Scientific RT. IBA has entered into a global distribution agreement with radiological and launched SciMoCa, which operates Monte Carlo-driven secondary screening and planning verification software. Monte Carlo is generally accepted as the gold standard for the accuracy of the dosage calculation in the treatment plan. Now, SciMoCa offers Monte Carlo Accuracy for secondary independent dose calculation and verification, which allows users to verify their treatment plans with equally strong QA system.

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