Data Visualization Principles and Practices for any small Business

Data visualization is a graphical representation of information and data to understand patterns and communicate insights. Find out data visualization principles and practices for any small business.

Data Visualization Principles and Practices

Data Visualization Principles and Practices for any Small Business

Making prudent development decisions within a business setting is not an easy thing to do. Given that the business industry is constantly developing, the mode in which decisions are made is constantly changing. However, businesses experience challenges in analyzing data since they always have massive loads of data that need to be processed. 

In addition, the market audience that consumes the presented information may not have the required skills necessary to process and consume the information. Research has revealed that 90% of the information passed to the brain is visual. This has introduced the need to implement the use of data visualization in creating data reports. 

By using data visualization, business managers are in a better position to understand and describe the direction in which the business is heading in terms of development. However, data visualization principles and practices need to be followed to the latter to impact the development of small businesses. 

What is Data Visualization in Business?

Data visualization refers to the representation of business data in graphs, charts, maps, and other visual formats that are easy to read and understand. Once data is presented in the visual format, the respective business stakeholders get it easy to read and understand the displayed information. 

Due to the fact that the business industry is constantly growing, there is a need for small businesses to adopt this method of operation to enhance their success. Below are some of the top data visualization and principles that you need to know. 

Understand the Goal of the Visuals 

Before you hop to use data visualization, you need to understand the goal of your efforts and the entire process. To get a clear goal for whatever you are doing, you need to begin by doing a detailed analysis that will back up your efforts and present data perfectly aligned to your strategy's goals and the business in general. 

If you realize that your market audience wants to look at your campaign's performance, you don't need to go around showing some of the tools that have taken part in enhancing the success of your strategies. This is an essential element for any small business that aims to secure a wide market audience in the long run. 

Display the KPIs

Every business capitalizes on the available marketing opportunities to increase the conversion rate. Showcasing your business KPIs in your visuals is one of the greatest ways small businesses can use to persuade potential customers. In addition, you should measure your business data against the business KPIs. 

For instance, if your ultimate goal is to increase the lead count for your business, when using data visualization to make it appear in a visual format, you will have to evaluate a series of KPIs. This will include other important aspects such as the source of the traffic and the lead quality. Covering all these essential aspects increases the success of your strategies. 

Ensure that the Data is Readable 

Clarity and consistency are important factors in data visualization that should never be neglected by small businesses. Note that prospects do not have much time to read through poorly arranged visuals that are complex to understand. Ensure that the data you present to your audience has a higher readability score for your safety. 

To make the data presentation easy to understand, accompany all the visuals with text to elaborate more about the data. However, this should be done in places where they seem to be necessary. Also, the content should not be cluttered since it may turn out confusing, affecting the point that was intended to be delivered. 

Ensure that the Visuals Are Responsive 

Responsive visuals mean that the kind of visuals you create should work well regardless of the device you use to access them. Also, the visual size should be compatible with the device to ensure that your readers do not experience any challenges when reading the content. The only secret to curbing this situation is to invest in high-quality visuals. 

Remember that not every reader uses their computer to access information on the internet; most people prefer using their phones since they are highly portable and also they are the most common devices. 

Dashboards created using excel charts are very useful to display large numbers of data in the form of responsive charts. Using dashboards managers can take decisions easily as it helps them to read and analyze data better than in any other form.

Utilize Predictable Pattern for Layouts 

The human eye is popularly known for having the power to catch up with indicators quickly. Readers can easily identify patterns that are presented in the data. Contrary, if the patterns seem not to make any sense, it becomes tough for prospects to understand the main message that the visual is trying to pass. 

To uncover what has been hidden in the human mind, you need to present data that makes complete sense to the viewers. If you decide to use charts in your presentation, ensure that they are perfectly visible and the data outlined is clear for the well-being of your audience. 

Use Attractive Colors when Telling Stories 

Small businesses have an average of five seconds to grab the attention of their respective audience. The colors you utilize in the visuals play a huge role when telling data stories. You need to make your chart as captivating as possible to grab the attention of your readers and make them hooked to read the entire message. 

Besides, you can use different colors to highlight some of the major points that you are presenting in your data. Highlighting the main points enhances the understanding level of the viewers since they will easily point out what matters. 

Create Engaging User Designs 

When creating visuals to represent your business data, some strategies are worth investing in. Getting better designs that can live your market audience engaged is a key thing for the well-being of your business. A great visual increases the chances of your readers making conclusions saving much of their time. 

Ensure that you invest in a data hierarchy to support the observer and enable them to make quick and prudent decisions. The designer should sort the data in an easy-to-read manner based on its importance and how you want the final message delivered. 

Bottom Line 

Research says that people retain 65% of information three days after watching videos. This shows the clear capabilities of using visuals to communicate important information to your customers.
Data visualization plays a significant role in cracking down information into small bits that can be understood in a layman’s language. To make this happen, you need to acquire different data visualization tools that will help in the process of breaking down the information.

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