Amazing E-Liquid Flavours that Should be on Your Bucket List

E-Liquid Flavours

Amazing E-Liquid Flavours that Should be on Your Bucket List

Vaping has been billed as the most effective smoking cessation tool. Anyone who has tried quitting cigarettes unsuccessfully before they found their happy place in vaping can no doubt attest to this.

However, while many use vaping primarily as a vehicle to quit smoking, there’s also no disputing the idea that vaping would not be what it is without the profusion of vape flavours available to us. In fact, a huge number of vapers are non-nicotine users. This segment is mostly in it either for the flavours or the fun of cloud vaping; some both.

Now, the dizzying array of e-liquid flavours on the market is nice and all, but too many options can make it daunting to find flavours that personally speak to you.

If you’re caught in a selection dilemma, the best approach is to start with what you know first, we often advise. Then take it from there.

For instance, if you are a smoker looking to take up vaping, a tobacco flavour would be an excellent choice to start with. If you have a sweet tooth that is hard to satisfy, shopping in the dessert and sweet flavour categories makes sense, following which you can then zero in on some names you find hard to put down.

In this post, we give you a round-up of some of the top flavours you should try at least once in your vaping lifetime.

Fruit Category

Fruit flavours are by far the most popular category of vape flavours, with approximately 1 in 2 vapers preferring a fruity vape over everything else.

It’s not hard to see why. Fruit flavours are the most refreshing vapes available. Most make for excellent everyday vapes (EDV) because they feel fresh, taste great and are super satisfying.

Anyone would be hard-pressed to pick just one favourite fruit flavour, but if it was a dying wish, here’s one we cannot recommend highly enough:

Wild Berry from AquaVape

Berry lover or not, it’s hard to resist a good berry e-juice.

The Wild Berry from AquaVape is a mash-up of different berries that have harmoniously come together in a tantalising fusion that is sure to take your taste buds by surprise. No kidding.

It’s not every day that you find grown-ups coming to an agreement as far as taste and flavour go. The 50/50 Wild Berry is one of those rare occasions, and we would go as far as to say you really haven’t tasted fruit until you have had a personal moment with this spellbinder.

Tobacco Category

Tobacco is the most preferred choice for ex-smokers, and while its popularity has dipped recently, the flavour remains a best-seller.

A nice tobacco flavour is typically earthy and flavour-rich, and some prefer it with a hint of sweetness. However, tobacco does come in many variants, with some of the most popular types being Virginia tobacco and Burley tobacco.

Everyone has their preferences, but a single pick that would cut across the board would like be this:

Classic Amber Blend Tobacco from Vapemate

Boasting a similar character to Virginia tobacco, the Classic Amber Blend from Vapemate perfectly brings out the smoky and sweet overtones of Virginia, albeit in a mild and smooth fashion that makes it an excellent pick for mild tobacco lovers.

Virginia enthusiasts will feel at home with the Amber Blend, and rolling tobacco users will no doubt appreciate the taste.

Menthol Category

Menthol (and that includes mint and ice flavours) has emerged as the second-most popular flavour category in recent years.

While it’s true that menthol is an age-old favourite for most people, we cannot overlook the impact that the 2020 Menthol ban in the UK has had on its acceptance, as that literally left menthol smokers without a choice: it was either quit completely or find an alternative. What better than a vape?

Menthol is a perfect flavour on its own and forms a wonderful match when paired with something else. In fact, few flavours can hold a candle against it in terms of compatibility.

The market is chockfull of menthol flavours, with every possible pairing imaginable. Settling on any single one is always going to be a head scratcher, but one worth trying is:

Fresh Menthol from Aquavape

We know, the list may seem biased by including another name from the same brand, but it’s hard to argue when an e-liquid manufacturer hits bull’s eye with a product.

The Aquavape Fresh Menthol has been voted one of the best e-liquids in the UK for a reason. If you are a lover of all things menthol, this here is an absolute must-try. Words alone cannot do it justice.

Bakery & Dessert

Whether it’s vanilla custard, glazed doughnut, or peaches and cream, the bakery and dessert category is definitely where vape flavours get most interesting.

As a vaper, this is one of the categories you should explore in detail if you’re a fan of the tastiest treats and desserts.

While there can be no denying that dessert vapes are scrumptious, the downside is that they don’t work great as everyday vapes. Sure, you could try, but gorging on cinnamon cake, custard or baked banana multiple times every day is bound to get old.

Then again, it is the infrequency of dessert treats on our dinner tables that makes us yearn for them the more.

The Drizzle Dream from Momo (Salt Nic)

Momo is one of those brands that tend to be slept on. Those names that are not the most obvious in everyone’s conversations, but it’s not until you try out their products by chance that you start questioning what you have been doing with your life.

And so it is with the Drizzle Dream. Of course, picking favourites in the dessert category is always going to be a tricky one as there could be a hundred-and-one worthy considerations. However, we were impressed with the Drizzle Dream from Momo which should appeal to both dessert and citrus fruit lovers.

If the idea of a freshly-baked lemon sponge cake sprinkled with brown sugar and a tart lemon icing sounds exciting, wait until you get your hands on this one. It won’t take long to understand why Momo have scooped up multiple awards for their e-liquids over the years.

But there is one caveat: this is a nicotine salt juice, so it’s most suited to nicotine users only.

Candy & Sweet

Sweet flavours place more emphasis on exactly that: sweetness. As such, while they may be an obvious choice for candy lovers, people who don’t have a strong inclination for sweet stuff may find these juices a bit too much.

They do tend to be rounded out with some sourness, though, (just like some sweets, blackjack being a fine example), so some quality flavours don’t overwhelm you with sweetness per se.

Blue Bubblegum Shortfill from IVG

IVG is a UK e-liquid brand that burst onto the scene in 2016 and didn’t waste time making their mark in the market. Like the other names on this list, they too have bagged multiple awards for their long line of top-shelf e-liquids, a legacy that has gained them a cult following.

Again, there could be too many flavours to list here, even from IVG alone. Seeing as bubblegum is a must-try flavour for any candy lover, we implore you to try out the Bubblegum Shortfill from IVG if you haven’t already. Let us know what you find!

Note that this is a shortfill so you will need to purchase a nicotine shot if you want to use it for nicotine vaping purposes.

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